Essential Trainings

Strongly recommended:

CoCreative Collaborative Innovation Essentials Course (Sept 18-20, 2019 Missoula; $950)

Learn to design and lead multi-stakeholder collaborations fueled by real alignment, engagement and momentum; Lead more confidently through the fear and uncertainty of leading complex change across ideological and cultural boundaries; Help groups navigate the confusion and polarization that shows up when engaging diverse constituents; Achieve powerful outcomes that could not be achieved by individual participants in the network.

Collective Impact with Deb Halliday of Halliday & Associates (select a date to host an on-site training in your community, contact Erin B. to organize, $1,000 for on-site training. Cost includes planning and post-workshop coaching consultation)

We know the challenges we seek to address are complex and interrelated, and yet collaboration can sometimes seem unwieldy. Invite your design team, community stakeholders, the anchor org and LCC to come together to explore collective impact, a framework for understanding and practicing effective collaboration. Collective impact builds the capacity of people and organizations to work together.  During this workshop, Deb will work with your team to help build the collaborative framework of your Initiative.

Communications and Messaging workshop with James, Zero to Five Communication Strategist (date and location TBD, Erin B. will help organize, no cost)

Learn about the Storybrand framework to help craft your Zero to Five messaging and talking points to bring diverse stakeholders to your table.


Facilitative Leadership for Social Change (dates and locations vary; $700)

Develop practical collaborative skills and tools for tapping the creativity, experience, and commitment of staff and colleagues; understand how your interior condition (heartset and mindset) serves as a foundation for intentional leadership.

James Buscher