Connect to Zero to Five

Introduce yourself to the team

Send Erin a short bio and photo (guidance in the works, hold off on this task for now)

Set up one-on-one calls with the Local Collaborative Coordinators (LCCs) -find contact info on the What and Who of Zero to Five page

Join our communication platforms

If needed, set up a test Zoom meeting with Erin B

Explore Basecamp, our online resource sharing platform, with Erin B

Follow and Like us on Facebook and Instagram

Participate in regular LCC group calls

Erin B will plug you in! These bi-monthly calls are opportunities for you to learn from and share with the LCC community and to seek help/advice/feedback/input from LCCs and the Statewide Office.

Attend a Zero to Five in-person orientation

More info coming soon!

James Buscher