Strengthen your Workforce


If you’re a Montana business leader who wants to retain the highest quality employees, improve your business, and make a difference in lives of children, families, and the state of Montana, join us May 29th in Helena to discuss innovative and attainable child care solutions to strengthen your workforce.

With low unemployment across the state, Montana businesses are going to great lengths to attract and retain qualified workers. Increasingly, we know that many workers are not in the workforce because of the difficulty in finding quality, affordable child care for their young children.

Child care capacity currently only meets approximately 41% of estimated demand in Montana – ranking the state 40th in terms of child care availability.*

There are no areas in Montana where child care capacity meets demand, and eight counties do not have a single childcare provider.*

Without affordable child care, parents are faced with two choices:

1)    Cut their hours

2)    Or opt out of the workforce entirely

An estimated 42% of Montanans who are not in the labor force cite family responsibilities as the reason they are not looking for a job.*

We also know that women with young children are more likely to participate in the labor force in counties with greater access to childcare.*

Affordable child care is essential, not only for families, but for the economic prosperity of Montana. The Committee for Economic Development measured the spillover impacts of child care in Montana, determining that access to child care resulted in $93 million in positive economic impact to industries outside of child care, contributing $31.8 million in added earnings, and 1,178 jobs in 2016.**

When parents have access to high quality, affordable child care, they are more likely to remain in the workforce, pursue an education for higher-wage positions, and support statewide economic growth.

Business leaders have an excellent opportunity to not only strengthen their workforce, but the entire economy of Montana, through addressing the child care struggles facing Montana families every day.

If you’re a business leader interested in ways to attract and retain excellent employees, register for the summit and join Lt. Governor Mike Cooney, Rob Grunewald, Economist with the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, and other notable business leaders from around the state to discuss how addressing child care in your community is good for business.

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* “Childcare in Montana” by Amy Watson, Senior Economist, Montana Department of Labor and Industry.

**Child Care in State Economies 2019 Report from the Committee for Economic Development. 

James Buscher