Childcare Solutions

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Included here are the notes and presentations from the Childcare Solutions to Support Your Workforce business summit, held in Helena, Montana on May 29th, 2019.

Childcare As A Workforce Issue

By Amy Watson

In this presentation Amy Watson, Senior Economist with the State of Montana, presents her findings on the link between childcare and and the strength of Montana’s workforce:

Here is Amy’s article on childcare in Montana:

Here is Amy’s article examining the economics unique to the childcare workforce in Montana:

Family Forward Montana

By Caitlin Jensen

Here Caitlin Jensen, Director of Zero to Five’s Statewide Office, presents on Family Forward Montana, a project designed to provide business leaders options for ways to implement policies that benefit families and strengthen their existing and future workforce:

Included here are three research briefs from Zero to Five outlining the business case for implementing Family Forward policies:

The Benefits and Costs of Early Care

By Rob Grunewald

Rob Grunewald, Economist with the Minneapolis Federal Reserve, outlines the benefits and costs of early care for businesses and the larger economy:

Business Leaders as Catalysts for Change

By Ryan Pricco

Ryan Pricco, Director of Policy and Advocacy for Child Care Aware in Washington State, discusses how business leaders can spur on significant local and statewide policy advances for the benefit of children and families:

Montana’s Early Childhood System

By Patty Butler

Patty Butler, Early Childhood Services Bureau Chief for the State of Montana, gives an overview of the existing infrastructure serving Montana’s youngest children:

James Buscher