The period of life from birth to age five is a unique and critical time.

 What we do:

Zero to Five Missoula is creating a community-wide movement to make sure every resident of Missoula County understands the importance of this critical period of life, and to connect parents and caregivers to the knowledge, skills, and resources they need to help children thrive.


 Why we do it:

The experiences young children have in these earliest years impact brain development and influence their future in a surprising array of areas, from future earning to physical and mental health, from graduation and academic achievement to healthy relationships and social-emotional well-being.

 How we do it:

We build connections between organizations serving young children and families, using data to make better decisions about our programs and services. We involve parents and caregivers in decision-making and develop innovative solutions that remove barriers to change within our systems.


Working Groups:

Investigate and address specific areas that impact young children and families in the following areas:

Access to High Quality Child Care

Kindergarten Transition

Supports for Families

Parent/caregiver Engagement

Data and knowledge sharing

Working Groups are made up of community partners from a wide range of organizations and sectors, and include parents and caregivers.


Individuals and organizations interested in learning more about Zero to Five Missoula are warmly invited to connect with us in the following ways:


Missoula Resources: