Every child deserves a great start and a promising future

 What we do:

We partner to create a county-wide collaborative dedicated to promoting health and resiliency in families with young children. Together, we work to improve a child’s first five years of life and to advocate for our county’s youngest community members. 


 Why we do it:

Because every child deserves a great start and a promising future. We believe that by investing in our children at an early age, we also invest in the overall health and happiness of our entire community.

 How we do it:

We work to improve positive outcomes for families and children through community engagement, partnership development, informed research, and ongoing advocacy.  Together, we make a difference.


  Make a difference for children:

Contact Zero to Five Lincoln’s Collaborative Coordinator, Dorey Rowland, for more information on how you can make your biggest impact in Lincoln County.


Learn more about the basic data we’ve collected in Lincoln County.