Engaged Community, Thriving Families

 What we do:

The Zero to Five Collaborative Team of Lewis & Clark County is focused on efforts to make every child school ready by the year 2025.


 Why we do it:

We believe every child deserves a great start in life, provided through families dedicated to healthy, thriving children. We also know families are busy and it can be challenging to find the help and resources needed to be the caregivers they would like to be. We can help.

How we do it:

We work closely with existing systems and have access to resources and people who can come alongside families. We strive to engage those who want to help, find solutions to the challenges families face as they do their most important work: raise children who are healthy, happy, and ready to thrive in school and beyond.


 Make a difference for children:

Contact our Collaborative Coordinator, Jeff Buscher, for more information on how you can make your biggest impact in Lewis & Clark County.


Learn more about the basic data we’ve collected in Lewis & Clark County.