Zero to Five’s Mission:

For our children, for our future.

Zero to Five’s Vision:

A Montana dedicated to every child.

Zero to Five’s Values:

We will be respectful of individuals and cultures by approaching our work through a socio-economic and racial equity lens that authentically engages with the entirety of the communities we serve.

We will call partners to concrete, meaningful, and immediate action, while evoking hope through compelling storytelling.

We will be driven by the best and most innovative practices as we work toward sustainably improving systems for the long term. Striving for consensus and participatory decision-making, we will orient our actions and efforts around measurable outcomes.

We will empower families and those most impacted by our work to help direct our efforts.

We will be willing to grow, change, and evolve as individuals and as an organization. Through all our work, we will keep the best interests of children at the forefront.

Brand Purpose:

Zero to Five helps caring Montanans make a lasting difference through local and statewide work that gives children a great start in life and a promising future.

Brand Position:

We are not the heroes in the world of early childhood. Parents, our partners, community leaders and members are the heroes. We will position ourselves as the guide to help these parties make their biggest impact for children. We will occupy a space previously unoccupied in Montana, a public-private partnership with grassroots and statewide reach for the benefit of children.

Brand Attributes:

If each message we convey and each action we take embodies one or more of these strengths, our story feels more authentic and the identity of Zero to Five will be more recognizable.

 Authentic Engagement

We listen and respond to early childhood needs from the entirety of the communities we wish to serve. This means engaging across the socio-economic and racial spectrum to address systemic needs for every child.

Action-oriented, Outcomes-focused

We don’t communicate simply to raise awareness. We are dedicated to helping people take action on the behalf of children to improve measurable outcomes.

Diverse Partnerships

At the local and statewide level we seek to bring in and work with as many partners as possible to improve outcomes for children. This means pursuing true multi-sector partnerships and reaching out to entities who may not have been involved in this work before.

Committed to the Future

We are guided by how our actions will affect the future for children and Montana. In this orientation, we seek to amplify opportunity, hope, wonder, and the possibilities that lie ahead.

Brand Promise:

Through research, advocacy, and community partnerships, Zero to Five works to improve systems and give families the tools they need to succeed, from pregnancy all the way to their child’s first day of school, and beyond.

James Buscher