To help establish consistent messaging across the initiative, Zero to Five will provide a framework for how we message more than what those specific messages are. Please download this Communication Workshop Presentation for a thorough walkthrough of how to craft your own messaging:

While there are some specific program-wide messages, given the diversity of our work it’s more valuable for each team member to have the tools to build messages specific to their work. To that end, we’ll orient our messaging around 5 checkpoints and build them out through a StoryBrand framework.

Message Guidelines:

Communication Guidelines.png

1.    We will authentically engage the community we wish to serve.

We do this to make sure we are meeting actual needs, as opposed to perceived needs. Authentic engagement helps guide our language and use it in ways that will be most meaningful to those we seek to reach.

2.    We will use image-rich language.

Image-rich language makes our messages more memorable, more impactful, and more compelling. In using image-rich language we will be able to appeal to the widest swathe of partners.

3.    We will evoke hope, wonder, and pride.

We want people to feel hopeful and proud of the person they could become and the work they could accomplish with us. Our messages will show people a way forward and lean toward wonder and inspiration.

4.    We will call people to concrete, meaningful, and immediate action.

Raising awareness isn’t enough. Our messages will be tied to direct action people can take on behalf of children.

5.    We will tell compelling stories.

Stories help people empathize with, engage with, and remember our messages. Framing our messages around stories will help us draw in and retain multi-sector partners.

These guidelines can be used as a checklist when building messaging. Before sending out or presenting messages, ask if you have done these five things.

Building Messages:

Our messaging is built around a framework developed by Donald Miller, called a StroryBrand. This framework helps us set up Zero to Five as the trusted guide to any audience, for any purpose. Download the StoryBrand Template below:

Here is an example of Zero to Five’s program-wide StoryBrand:

Copy of Zero To Five StoryBrand bw.png
Copy of Zero To Five StoryBrand bw (1).png
James Buscher