Zero to Five uses three colors:


Light Blue

and Orange.

Sticking to these three colors gives our brand a cohesive and consistent feeling. Whenever possible, limit colors used to these three. Overall, in color use, we seek appealing simplicity and balance.

We aren’t looking to overload with color, but to use it consciously to engage, highlight, and emphasize.

Primary: Grey

RGB: 116, 124, 132

HEX: #747c84

HSL: 210, 6%, 48%

Use this as the primary color for body text, backgrounds, etc.

Secondary: Light Blue

RGB: 67, 179, 227

HEX: #43b3e3

HSL: 197, 74%, 57%

Use this as a secondary color, for headers, backgrounds, to add emphasis, etc.

Accent: Orange

RGB: 224, 132, 28

HEX: #f4841c

HSL: 28, 90%, 53%

 Use this as an accent color, to add emphasis and a pop or splash of color.

James Buscher